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If you have ever bought or sold a house, or any building for that matter, you may have used the services of a home or commercial property inspector. An inspection of this type is designed to let both purchasers and sellers know if there are any defects with a building. It provides critical information about the building’s systems such as plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, condition of roof and overall safety.

These types of inspections are highly detailed and will provide a wealth of information about the building. You’re not required to have a property inspection, but it can help to save you from spending unexpected money on repairs that you never knew were needed, and for the property owner, it can save them from unknowingly selling a building with serious issues until they address those issues.

There are several myths that revolve around home and commercial property inspectors that you should understand when you choose an inspector. A home or commercial property inspector provides non-invasive inspection services by experts that can provide detail about the property’s systems, potential age of those systems in most cases, and when you can reasonably expect to have to replace components within those systems.

Let’s discuss some of the myths:

  1. MYTH: Home inspectors inspect for termites. There are some property inspectors who are certified to perform this service, but most inspectors are not. The home inspector can provide you with information IF, during the non-invasive, visual inspection of the property evidence is found. In most cases, they ARE NOT trained to look for signs of these invasive insects.
  2. MYTH: You should not be present during the inspection because it disturbs the inspector. The fact is, most inspectors like having the client on site during the inspection because when issues are found, it makes it easier to explain those issues, even though inspectors provide plenty of photos in the reports.
  3. MYTH: The seller must make all repairs before a property can be sold. That is not the case. The idea of the inspection is so that everyone is well-informed about the condition of the property, and there are no surprises that crop up after the deal is complete. In most cases, property owners are not aware that there are any issues.
  4. MYTH: I already had an appraisal. I don’t need a property inspection. That is incorrect. The appraiser takes a look at the cosmetic and structural condition of the house. They do not take into account whether or not something needs to be repaired. They view the property and the value in the long-term, as if everything were in perfect working order, while a property inspector focuses the specific systems of the property and the operability of those systems.

A home inspection will typically take 2 to 5 hours to complete, depending on the size of the property. Going without a property inspection is like taking a risk with your life savings at a casino. You might win sometimes, but more often than not, your going to lose. Call AllStar Property Inspection today!!

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