Reasons to Have Your Home Inspected Before Listing it For Sale

So, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to sell the old place, eh? If that’s so, your head must be filled with various questions concerning the process. One of them might sound a bit like this: why should I have my home inspected before I list it for sale? Needless to say, you’re a couple of minutes away from finding out the answer to that “conundrum.” In the text that you’re about to read, we’ll show you all the reasons to have your home inspected before you list it on the market. Stay tuned for some useful info!

What’s a Home Inspection

We’ll try to keep it short since we don’t want to keep you waiting for the main dish. Anyway, a home inspection is a process of observing, evaluating, and reporting the current condition of a real estate property. It usually happens right before the property in question is about to be sold. The whole process is conducted by professional home inspectors. They’ll check the property’s heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrics, water, safety issues, etc. There’s no need to emphasize that all of these can affect the price of a certain home. Okay, now that we’ve got this covered, let’s consider the reasons to have your home inspected before you put it up for sale!

You’ll Better Understand Your Home’s Pre-Sale Condition

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There ain’t a better way to get to know your home’s current pre-sale condition than hiring an experienced home inspector to take a closer look at it. The process will provide you with all the necessary info you’ll need to consider before you put your soon-to-be old home on the real estate market. Here’s the thing: if the inspector you’ll hire detects some major issues, it’s best that you know about ’em right away instead of waiting for the second home inspection that usually occurs in the middle of the transaction process. Trust us; you don’t want any surprises that could potentially decrease the price you’ve set for your home. Also, you’ll want a thorough home inspection, so don’t forget to opt for a radon test (if it’s not already included in the price).

There Won’t be a Rush With Repairs

Once the pre-sale inspection’s over and there are some issues you’ve uncovered thanks to the process, you’ll need to talk to your realtor. Because? Because your agent will help you figure out which of these repairs you’ll need to do before listing your home and which of these you’ll leave to your prospective buyers. If you conclude that you’ll have to do some of the repairs before listing your place, you’ll have just enough time to contact available contractors and figure out your best option. There won’t be a need to opt for a last-minute solution. 

Oh, and speaking about saving yourself some time, you’ll want to think about the post-sale period. We’re talking about packing before you leave the place. Anyway, when it comes to packing for the move after selling your home, there are ways to do it quickly. A little piece of time-saving advice never hurt anyone, right?

Remember that, as we’ve said, you’ll want to leave some of the repairs to your buyers. That’s mainly because some of them don’t significantly affect the price, and, in some cases, it’s the owners who insist on dealing with them. 

You’ll Price Your Home in an Adequate Manner

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Another reason why you’ll want to hire a professional home inspector before selling the place concerns the pricing of your home. You’re probably aware that figuring out the right price for a property can be a really tricky issue. You neither want to price it too low nor too high. Both will inspire some good ol’ doubt in your potential buyers. Therefore, you’ll need to price it right! Showing your realtor the pre-listing inspection report will help your reach the so-called sweet spot when it comes to pricing your place. And here’s another great thing: you’ll always have the option of showing the report in order to justify the price of your home. 

The Inspection Might Also Reveal Something Positive

It seems as though people are overly occupied with the idea of a pre-listing home inspection uncovering only the negative things associated with your home, or so the experts from Rockstar Pro Movers tell us. You’ll want to know that the pre-listing inspection might also draw attention to the positive features you’ve “dug up” during the process, they add. For instance, a pre-listing home inspection might conclude that your home’s roof is in premium condition and that it still has a lot of years before hitting retirement. You’ll use your report to back up that statement. This is a great way to form a trusty connection between yourself and your prospective buyers. 

You’ll get to Attract Serious Buyers

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This one’s the shortest entry on our list of reasons to have your home inspected. By sharing the report of your pre-listing inspection, you can easily attract buyers that are more serious and understand the condition of the place. In other words, they won’t have any doubts about the condition of your home, and their interest in the purchase of your home will be a sign that they want to push the whole process forward. 

You Won’t have to Deal with Endless Negotiations

If a post-listing home inspection reveals some issues you didn’t have a clue existed, your buyers will have a chance there to try to decrease the price. Therefore, you’ll be stuck in endless negotiations, and that whole thing can be quite irritating & stressful. By conducting a pre-listing home inspection, you’ll obtain all the necessary weaponry against folks trying to negotiate the price to their advantage and your loss. 

Something of a Conclusion

Alright, folks, that’s about all there’s to say about the reasons to have your home inspected before it’s put on the market. As you could’ve read, a pre-listing home inspection really makes homeowners’ lives easier, helping them get rid of the common issues inspectors usually find. Once they decide to sell their place, that is. All in all: we’re sure you’ll have no trouble selling your home by following the tips we’ve shared above.