Do You Need a Pool Inspection?

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A swimming pool out in the backyard is a wonderful thing to have in the summer. Those who own a pool, whether it is in-ground or above, when people have them installed they are usually quite surprised at the level of work involved to keep it clean and safe.

Sure, they’ll keep the pool clean and take care of the basic maintenance involved with owning a pool, but many forget, that the components of a pool can deteriorate over time, and that pool that you enjoy can quickly become a dangerous thing to deal with.

Here are some basic things that you should have a pool inspection at least annually:

  1. Pool Structure – One of the biggest problems that you can encounter with a pool is seepage, or subsidence. A pool inspection will let you know if the structure is sound. The pool inspector will look at tiles, cracks in the walls, and other such issues. Catching a problem early on is key to keeping it at the level of a minor repair as opposed to a disaster.
  2. Are You up to Code – Pools are clearly a safety hazard to many. This is especially true of small children, a subject in the news in recent years due to being able to gain access to the pool when no one is around watching. California has very stringent laws regarding swimming pools where there is danger to children. Riverside Home
  3. Inspections inspects swimming pools as part of our service and we can let you know if things are up to code.
  4. Electrical Issues – We think very little of it, but there is electrical service to your pool. Think: pool lights, filtration system, heaters, etc. A pool inspection can help you to rest easy and have peace of mind that your pool is safe for all.

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