A New Look with an Old Name

Riverside Home Inspection

As I reorganize the company into Riverside Home Services, in which we service the handyman sector as well as the home inspection sector, I decided to move the home inspections back to the Riverside Inspection domain and I am going to retire the AllStar Inspections domain.

HandyMan John will stay live, while I continue to build Riverside County Handyman, and in fact, I will be pointing the rivcohandyman domain to the HandyMan John Website.

Our services function as two different companies, under the umbrella of the Riverside Home Services company name. There is one thing though that I need people to understand, and that is the conflict of interest aspect of the work we perform for our clients. I need people to please understand, that I strictly enforce one primary rule when dealing with our companies.

WE DO NOT repair what we inspect, and WE DO NOT inspect what we repair. It’s that simple, so if I perform a home inspection for you as you prepare to sell your house, please do not ask me to repair any thing that may need to be addressed.

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