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Welcome to our home inspection appointment booking form. We will get to the form in just a few minutes. Please read this page in its entirety

A home inspection is a visual inspection of all components of the home. In a nutshell, it is a safety and quality inspection of a property you wish to buy, and it really is important to help protect your investment. Buying a home is likely the most expensive purchase you will make during your lifetime, and you must take necessary steps to protect this important investment.

You must read these terms thoroughly so that you are prepared for inspection day.

  1. Each inspection is different. The amount you pay when booking the appointment is only a deposit. We cannot give you a final price until we know exactly what we need to inspect. We must charge a deposit to keep people from filling the appointment book with bogus requests. Once you book the appointment, we will call you to ask questions about the property. Things like:
    • Does the home have a garage? Is the garage attached? did you include the square footage of the garage?
    • Is the garage separate from the house? If so, that counts as a separate building.
    • Are you having radon testing done?
    • Does the house have a pool? Swimming pool inspections are a separate charge from the main inspection.
    • Do you want the household water tested for quality?
    • So, as you can see, the amount you paid when booking your appointment is ONLY A DEPOSIT. The remaining balance is determined after we speak on the phone.
    • Until we speak on the phone, and the appointment is finalized, your appointment is not yet set. No one else will be able to take that spot however unless we are not able to contact you.
  2. We DO NOT TAKE CHECKS. Payment is due at the time of the inspection. We can take credit/debit cards using the app on our tablet. We also take cash in the full amount and you can pay us via Zelle or CashApp.
  3. Inspection reports are ready to view within 24 hours of the inspection. Usually however, you will be able to download the complete report the evening of the inspection, around 8:00 pm if we are able to complete it that day. Inspection reports will not be released until we receive payment in full. We do not bill the inspection cost to escrow or closing.
  4. If you have any questions, or to finalize details quicker, call us at 951-892-3229.


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