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Energy consumption in the home these days is at an all time high. In facts, it one of the most common issues we come across today when thinking about the bills at the end of the month. The simple fact is, we need electricity to power our lives. The single problem most people see when it comes to power consumption, is the high cost of power that we consume.

Alternative home energy is truly not a new concept. There have been alternative ways of generating energy for a number of years. The main issue, is that in most cases, these energy types were not scaled down in a manner that allowed a home owner to take advantage of these alternatives until recent years. That has all changed now.

We’re going to discuss two ways that you can significantly lower your energy cost year over year.

  1. Wind energy – Produced by windmills, which have been around for quite a long time, energy is produced and stored in batteries and are typically used to supplement the main electric lines. In many cases, electric energy that is produced, and not used, is “sold” back to the grid. With the way property is being developed these days, this type of alternative energy is not available to everyone simply because of lack of space, but in rural areas, it can be a great source of alternative energy. While the windmill was indeed typically used to mill grain, the reality is that the setup can easily be reconfigured to serve as a source of alternative energy.
  2. Solar energy – Most people believe solar energy is far too technologically advanced to be used in the home setting. However, nothing is further from the truth, and in fact, at the time of publication, there is a tax credit available from the federal government to those who install solar energy in their homes. The installation process must be done by licensed professionals of course, but once complete, many people who have the system installed enjoy month after month of no electric bills. In fact, there are people who GET PAID by the electric provider when excess power generated is sold back to the grid. Solar panels are great for people in any area – they are installed on the roof of your home. The system then ties into your typical power lines at the entry of your home. This energy is used in the home, and excess of what you are using is stored in batteries. Beyond that, the rest goes to the grid. Solar power is also used for other purposes such as heating water, etc.

As you can see, there are other types of home energy without relying solely on a power provider. It is in your best interest to explore these alternative options and discover which type is the best for your use.

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