What to Look for in the Final Walkthrough Before Closing

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Buying a home is a very exciting process. Before you officially become the owner of your new home, a final walkthrough is in order. This is your chance to check that everything in the house is in its agreed-upon state. While a final walkthrough isn’t required by law, it’s good practice as there’s no going back once you sign the paperwork. This may seem a bit stressful, but there’s no reason to worry. If you’re wondering what to look for in the final walkthrough, we’ve got you. This checklist we put together will help you keep track of everything you need to watch out for before finally purchasing your new home.

Should a home inspection come before the final walkthrough?

Sure, the name itself suggests that your final walkthrough comes towards the end of your homebuying process. That’s why any home inspection you plan to do should come before your final walkthrough. First things first, make sure to hire a reliable inspector. Once they point out everything that potentially needs fixing in your new home, you can negotiate the repairs with the current owner. Your final walkthrough is a great opportunity to see if these repairs have been made. We don’t recommend leaving the inspection until after the walkthrough. If you find any hidden issues after settling a deal, they’ll be yours to deal with. This means you won’t be able to negotiate the home price or the repair costs.

Okay, we got that sorted: home inspection comes first. Now, onto the main question: what to look for in the final walkthrough?

Make sure that any agreed-upon repairs have been done

After your inspector finishes the home inspection, you may bring some issues up with the home seller. This is your time to negotiate the repairs, their pricing, or the pricing of the home itself. If any repairs need to be done, oftentimes, the seller will agree to do them. The final walkthrough is your time to check that they’ve been done correctly. Apart from that, specialists at Family Affair Moving Orange suggest you keep a list of all the repairs even after you move to your new place. Documenting everything is important, and it’s easier to write things down than to try and remember them all.

Check that every door and window is functioning properly

There are a few reasons why you should check that there are no faulty doors and windows in a home you’re planning to buy. First, doors and windows that don’t work properly can compromise your safety. In order to avoid that, make sure that they all close and lock if necessary. Secondly, these issues can affect the temperature inside your new home. You may have trouble keeping your home warm when there’s outside air coming through. To avoid these potential issues, test all the doors and windows out.

Make sure the house is completely free of the seller’s belongings\When making a sales contract, you should define which and if any of the seller’s belongings should be left in the house. For example, if you’re buying some of the furniture with the house, you should specify which pieces are included in the price. By the time of your final walkthrough, anything that isn’t supposed to stay should be out of the house. This is especially important if you’re in a hurry to move. While hiring last-minute movers in California, as moving pros can jump in quickly to transport your belonging, you want an empty house to put them in.

Apart from the furniture, you should also check for any personal belongings like clothes and decorations. The best way to do so is to go through all the storage spaces, like closets. Also, if your new home has an attic or a basement, make sure to check those as well. If there’s anything left over, let your seller know immediately so they can make proper arrangements.

Test all the switches and electrical outlets

If you are wondering what to look for in the final walkthrough, testing the electrical installations should be a part of every home inspection. However, there’s no harm in doing it once again during your final walkthrough. Firstly, check all the lighting switches for both interiors and the exteriors. While at it, consider whether certain things like lightbulbs need upgrading. If your new home has any overhead fans, make sure that those work as well. You don’t want to be stuck with a faulty fan that just collects dust.

Apart from the switches, you should make sure that the power outlets are working. Pay special attention to those you’ll often use, like those in the kitchen or beside your bed. Malfunctioning outlets can be a safety hazard, so if there are any, you should get them sorted out before you move in.

Run all the faucets and flush the toilets

Another thing to double-check during your final walkthrough is the plumbing. Running all the faucets is a quick and easy way to make sure everything’s working properly. This is also how you can identify any potential leaks. While it probably isn’t the first thing that crosses your mind, make sure you flush the toilets too. If there are any problems with the pipes or the water supply, you’ll know straight away. Again, all of this should be done during the inspection, and you should ensure everything’s been checked correctly.

Test all the appliances

Buying a house with used appliances can save you a lot of cash. Plus, you don’t have to worry about transporting these large and heavy objects to your new home. However, before you finalize the sale, you should ensure that any leftover appliances are working properly. Turn on the stove and the oven, check the water heater, and make sure the fridge and the freezer are ice-cold. It won’t take too much time and can save you from unexpected expenses later on.


While there are a few steps you need to take before a successful home purchase, all of them are worth it. Doing a final walkthrough after the home inspection is definitely one of them. Making a list of what to look for in the final walkthrough before you go to the house is also a good idea. This way, you’ll be sure you didn’t forget anything, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your new home sooner.